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Step One -- Unpack Releases

Get the latest releases of bartertown and bartertown-symfony-repackage, extract them, and upload them to your server in a directory that is not served to the web, or is one level down from the folder you want bartertown to be in.
Remote Directory Description
bartertown-VERSION/ Bartertown Software
bartertown-symfony-repackage-VERSION/ Symfony framework supporting libraries
public_html The directory on your server served to the web

Execute the following commands:
$ mv bartertown-VERSION/web/* public_html
$ mv bartertown-VERSION/web/.htaccess public_html/
$ mv bartertown-symfony-repackage-VERSION/sf public_html
$ mv bartertown-symfony-repackage-VERSION/pear_libs/ ./
$ mv bartertown-VERSION/* ./
$ rmdir bartertown-VERSION
$ rmdir bartertown-symfony-repackage-VERSION
$ chown apache public_html/uploads
$ chown apache cache
$ chown apache log

Step Two -- Configure for your environment

Open the file apps/frontend/config/config.php in an editor. Change lines 4 and 14 to include the full path to where pear_libs is.
Line 4:if (is_readable(SF_ROOT_DIR.'/var/www/localhost/htdocs/pear_libs/symfony/symfony.php'))
Line 14: if ((include('/var/www/localhost/htdocs/pear_libs/symfony/pear.php')) != 'OK')

Open the file pear_libs/data/symfony/config/constants.php in an editor. Change lines 16 to the name of the directory available to the internet
Line 16:'sf_web_dir_name' => $sf_web_dir_name = 'public_html',

Step Three -- Setup Database

Easiest step of them all, enter the doc/ directory, and execute first_time_db_install.sh

If you don't have shell access, you can just run the SQL in db_setup.sql through phpmyadmin or whatever you have access to.

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