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What is Bartertown?

Bartertown is an open source online auction package. It's goal is to connect buyers with sellers in a specific geographical area, and to get the sellers the best price possible for high demand items.

What are the platform details?

Bartertown is developed for a Linux Apache MySQL PHP environment. It uses the Symfony Framework.


A demo is available at http://bartertown.tabfest.org.

Contributing to this project

This is a one man project, so you can likely spearhead one of the following jobs just by asking.
  • Lead GUI Developer
  • Project Webmaster
  • Documentation Writer
  • Forum Support Representative
You can also contribute just by complaining about things in the forum.

To contribute code, please email your `svn diff > patch.diff` audition to cybrpnkr@users.sourceforge.net for review. Be sure to start with the trunk of the subversion repository.

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